Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Coloring Eggs

We were total slacker parents this Easter and didn't dye eggs until late Easter night.  HA!  It was just such a busy weekend that we couldn't seem to find the time.  Worry not, the kids enjoyed it when we finally got around to it.

I was super organized this time and bought the kids a dozen and a half eggs each plus their every one set of dye.  At the last minute, we decided that we only needed one dye kit, but we stuck with the pre-divided egss.

I also read on Pinterest that using an egg beater to home the eggs is a great way to prevent a mess.  I'd have to both agree and disagree at the same time.  

That's because Ellie decided at the last minute that she was super independent and needed no supervision.  Despite the stress  her newly discovered freedom caused,  we had a wonderful evening wrapping up our Easter celebrations. 

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