Monday, April 11, 2016

Let's Go RVing..

Eric and I both grew up camping, and we each have fond memories of family time enjoying the great outdoors.

My family had a Winnebago that looked a lot like this.  It was my grandfather's, but he let everyone share it.  Some of my fondest memories are of summer evenings playing "Twister" in it-pretending to outrun tornadoes.  HA!  There were also countless playtimes dressed in my grandmothers aprons and costume jewelry playing house.  

At some point, my grandfather got a South Wind Motor Coach to replace the aging Winnebago.  We went so many places in it, but what I remember most are the "vacations" we took to the State Fair.  The last time I was ever in the thing, it caught on fire at a gas pump.  TERRIFIED does not even scratch the surface of my emotions in that moment.

Since we were first married, Eric and I have dreamed of owning a camper, but we've made due with a tent until now....we recently bought our first camper, a Palamino pop-up! 

We spent the last year researching our options and saving our money, so when spring finally rolled around, we were more than ready to purchase our first camper.  We prayed about it all along the way, and the Lord lead us to the most amazing deal.  We can't wait to make new memories with our kids staring with our first trip this weekend for Spring Break.  

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