Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Because It Still Matters

Today as I was leaving work for lunch, I saw a young international couple exiting the polling location.  They had their entire family with them, everyone.  They were dressed in patriotic colors and happily chatting with their children as they left.  The were pointing to the precinct signs and enthusiastically talking amongst themselves.  It was clearly a defining moment for them, and I suspect that they are likely first time voters.  I image that they have fulfilled their citizenship requirement and were exercising their civic right, their patriotic duty to vote.

I asked the election volunteer how turnout was, and she informed me that only 70 people had voted…70.  That number is heartbreaking.  Only 70 people made it a priority to vote.  The weather here is rough, 50 degrees in May.  It’s cold, windy, and rainy.  Voters don’t like the candidates.  The Republican Caucus is over.  There are a million reasons not to vote, but there are also a million reasons why it matters. 319.4 million reasons, in fact.  That’s the population of the United States.

Voting still matters because 25,000 Americans gave their lives in the Revolutionary War.

Voting still matters because 750,000 Americans gave their lives in the Civil War.

Voting still matters because 63,114 Americans gave their lives in WWI.

Voting still matters because 113,842 Americans gave their lives in WWII

Voting still matters because 58,209 American gave their lives in Vietnam.

Voting still matters because 4,448 American gave their lives in the Iraq War.

Voting still matters because 2,229 Americans have given their lives in Afghanistan.

Voting still matters.

Voting still matters because Dr. King had dream.

Voting still matters because of Americans lost on September 11, 2001.

Voting still matters because America still matters.

You may not agree with the candidates.  You may feel as if our nation’s outlook is hopeless.  You may even feel like your vote doesn’t count.  But it still matters.  It matters because voting shows that we haven’t given up on this county.

 Voting matters because it shows that we haven’t given up on a God who promised to heal our land if his people would humble themselves in pray.

I have seen an article circling the Internet recently about the importance of not voting in this “Post Christian Election” and I could not disagree more.  We vote because in doing so, we are saying that we have not given up.  We refuse to give up.  We have not given up on America nor have we (as Christians) given up on its people.  We haven’t given up because Christ hasn’t given up on us.

Voting still matters because is God is in control. 

Voting still matters because we cannot lose faith in God our Authority on Heaven and Earth. 

Voting still matters because we as Christian soldiers know that the battle has not been lost.  The war is not over.  Jesus Christ sits on the throne!

Voting still matters because just like the new Americans I saw today, we are all going to a new home someday.  And when we cross that river into eternity, this will have mattered.  Our endurance will be worth the pain.

Voting still matters because the last time I checked, the Freedom of Religion was still a cornerstone of our foundation.  And while it may be under attack from enemies on every side, it is still a fundamental right, which means that we can still spread the gospel and the good news of Jesus Christ!!

HE is why voting still matters!!!

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