Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Midweek Musings

In an effort to make good on my promise of being a better blogger, I thought that I would pop in with a little midweek update. Our evenings are basically revolving around baseball right now, and we are just fine with it.  It is a favorite pastime after all. When Eli gets ready up for the games in his uniform, Ellie apparently thinks she should play dress-up, so we are making good use of our princess dresses.  I mean, who doesn't wear their Elsa costume to the ballpark?

We're killing it this week with the morning routine!  I'm having to be at work a bit earlier than normal to make some deliveries for Teacher Appreciation Week.  I think the added frenzy of getting everyone out the door on time is having a positive impact on the Little Watsons.  In fact, we made it to school so early yesterday that we had time to snap a selfie!  It's the small victories, ya'll!

Speaking of teacher appreciation, my goodness, we are grateful for so many incredible people to help shape our children.  Eli's teacher is the most amazing woman, and we are truly thankful for her influence.  She is kind, generous, adventurous, patient, loving and joyful.  She embodies the characteristics we hope Eli develops as he grows.  Teachers are molding the future one child at a time, and I am so grateful for such a wonderful leader.  Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of my educator friends!

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