Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Midweek Musings

Well, we've made it to the halfway point in the week so there's a small victory for your Wednesday!

We had another game on Monday night and lost our first district game.  It was a heartbreaker, but Eli got his first home run.  That was pretty cool!  He was nervous, so I promised him that if he pushed through and got a home run I would take him to WalMart and give him $10 to spend.  Can you guess where we went at 9:30 after the game? It was so worth it!

Yesterday I went to Lexington for a meeting and was elected to the Treasurer position for my professional group.  I am a little nervous about the responsibility but thrilled to be respected by my peers!  

On the way home I ran into this storm.  I could tell that is wasn't looking too good, so I called Weatherman Eric to help me out, and wouldn't you know that I was driving through a tornado warned area!  All is well that ends well, right?

In other news, Ellie asked me to take her picture and then posed like this.  Haha!  She was a cheerleader…love this lady!

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