Friday, June 3, 2016

Muffins With Mom

Remember earlier when I said that this week was going to be crazy?  Well, it has been.  Tuesday morning was Muffins with Mom, so after dropping Ellie off at daycare, me and my boy headed to the school. 

We ended up getting in line right in front of one of his best buddies, so they chatted away while we waited to have our pictures taken.  Then we got our muffins, he gave me this precious gift, and sat down to eat.  

In case you're wondering, he love me because I "buy toys."  There you have it.  I have to buy his love. Oh, and for the record.  He didn't even tell me bye. He and his buddy were chatting away when the announcement was made to head to class, so they got up and left without ever looking back.  Is he already allowed to be that big?

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