Sunday, May 29, 2016

Summer Bucket List

Ellie gave me another makeover, so you can thank her for these lovely pictures that I am about to share with you while I list all of the items on our Summer Bucket List! I know they have nothing to due with Summer, but I thought that I would share them instead of just a long, boring list of activities!

So, Summer.  In the Watson home, it is defined as Memorial Day through Labor Day, and each year we make a list of what we hope to do.  Sometimes we get it all checked off, and sometimes we don't.  The list isn't a recipe for the "perfect summer" or something we stress out over.  It's just a list a fun things we would like to do if we can, and it holds me accountable for making the most of this brief season.  It's about being intentional with my kids. 

1. Memorial Day in Marion 
2. Swimming
3. Water Ballon Fight
4. Play in the Sprinkler
5. Play in the Rain
6. Catch Lightening Bugs
7. Family Movie Night Outside
10. Summer Movies
11. Drive-In Movie
12. Ice Cream & A MOOvie
13. Snowcones
14. Fireworks
15. Hot Rods Game
16. July 4th Fun
17. Visit Lexington
18. Beach Bend Park
19. Camping
20. Holiday World
21. Eat Watermelon
22. Father's Day Fun
23. Celebrate Birthdays 
24. Splash Pad
25. Family Ice Cream Date

Here's to a Happy Summer!

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  1. Um please invite us to all the ones at your house, the drive in, ice cream &I a MOOvie, and beech bend!! Yay summer!