Thursday, May 5, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Week

This is Teacher Appreciation Week, and I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to write about the incredible educators in our lives.  Since my children were babies, I have prayed almost daily that the Lord would surround them with Godly men and women to influence them in the moments that I am not around. The Lord has been so faithful to fulfill his promises, and we have been blessed with a village of amazing teachers, coaches, friends, and mentors.

Our daycare family has loved on our babies from before they could even talk.  They have celebrated milestones with us.  They have been to baby showers, birthday parties, ballgames and school events.  They are cheerleaders and encouragers.  They have been simply amazing, and it was scary leaving them as Eli entered elementary school.  We dread the day we have to say goodbye as Ellie makes the same transition, but for now we cherish the moments we have with them, and we thank the Lord for leading us to them all those years ago because they will always hold a special in place in our hearts and the memories of our days as a young family.

This year we have been blessed with an equally amazing experience in first grade.  Eli's teacher truly grasps the gravity of her influence.  She isn't just teaching the fundamentals of education, she is doing much more.  She is molding the future.  She is shaping the minds, hearts and character of tomorrow's leaders.  She embodies joy and makes every student feel loved beyond measure.  At the beginning of the year, Eli was telling me that Mrs. B. tells the students every day that she loves them.  He finished his story by saying, "And you know what?  She really does."

To make a child feel loved is to empower them.

Every day she empowers young minds.  No child in her classroom goes without.  Every child had a Halloween costume.  Every child got snow cones.  Every child.  Not one was left behind.  A first grader may not remember every lesson, but he or she would certainly never forget the humiliation of not having what other students have.  She makes sure that does't happen.

Cognitive barriers to learning are the most difficult to combat, but Mrs. B. has succeeded in waging war against them.  Daily she goes above and beyond to level the playing field for each student.  Her words, her actions, and most importantly her love are building a legacy-something that will follow these students for the rest of their lives.  What an incredible blessing to have her in our lives.

As the year comes to a close, I am thankful that the Lord chose Mrs. B. to be in our lives.  She has made this year one of great joy for our family. Our fingers are crossed that we will get a repeat when Ellie is in school!

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