Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wide Open Spaces

 I get asked a lot about living so far out in the country.  The question actually strikes me a little funny because while it is a bit out of the way, it only takes 10-15 minutes to get to town, which is less time than it takes to drive from one end of Bowling Green to the other.  

In any case, it takes three one lane roads to get to our house from the main highway.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Eric and I both grew up on farms.  Granted, they were on opposite ends of the state, but the lifestyle was very similar.  I think that's why we both crave wide open spaces. 

It's good for our souls. We have room to breath.  Children can roam and play without the fear of stranger danger or traffic.  They can be loud and crazy.  The can play pretend slaying dragons or set out to find prince charming.

 For us, it's an escape from the hustle of the world around us.  Things are at peace in the country.  We can sit on our porch and watch the turkey graze the fields.  We have bats, and deer, and rabbits.  You can see the Milky Way at night because the stars are so brilliant away from the city lights.  We go to sleep with the sounds of crickets and wake with the crowing of the roosters (the neighbor's, not ours.) The sounds of cattle and tractors is comforting and smell of the oil well down the road has become familiar in a welcoming kind of way.  We are country living kind of people…but with convenience of modern day technology, of course. 

We also have room to do redneck things like wear our pajamas outside to take the trash to the road, let the kids run through the sprinklers in their undies, dump leftovers over the fence for the critters to eat, hose down dirty babies before bringing them into the house (in the summer months, obviously) and even hook the wagon up to the lawnmower for a little ride around the yard.  Of course we never do those things…oh, wait.  We do.  That's why I wanted to write this post.

 I just needed an excuse to use these pictures from Sunday. I'm sure living in town has lots of perks, but this probably isn't one of them.  Ha!  Gotta love the freedom of wide open spaces!

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