Friday, June 10, 2016

A Little Update

It's been a crazy week, which means that this blog has taken a backseat…again!  It is what it is.  Between a million makeup games, the end of the years crazies, graduation, and basketball camp, I don't know which way is up!

Sunday after graduation, we went to church and had lunch with the Beckham family before coming home to crash.  Sunday evening Eric's mom arrived to town so that she could help us get Eli to and from basketball camp.  

Monday after work, I headed straight to Elizabeth to meet my parents to get Ellie.  She had been with then since Friday night because Eric had to coach and I had to work graduations.  We made a mad dash back to Bowling Green just in time to head to the ballpark. 

We had another game on Wednesday night, and then Eric's mom left on Thursday.  I feel like we have run in circles all week, but it's been fun.  Plus,  Dixie was wonderful company.  We all hated to see her go. 

We start out tournament play this weekend, and Eli starts his summer camp program.  If this week was any indication, i's going to be a fun and busy summer!

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