Friday, June 24, 2016

A New "Do"

Ellie has only had one haircut her whole life, and she's been in desperate need of little shape-up for a while now.  Wednesday I had to stop and get Eli's hair trimmed, so I tried to talk Ellie into doing the same while we were there. 

She wouldn't hear of it, and I was too hot to fight her, so I wrote the check for Eli's cut and was ready to leave when Ellie hopped right up in the chair.

I motioned for Mr. Vilma to give it a whirl, and Ellie sat perfectly still the entire time.  I guess we just had to do it on her terms.  Ha!

She's got tons of body and curls for days.  Just look at this little pageant do.  

Oh, and Eli was quite dashing himself.  He likes to spiked up look in the front. 

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