Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Catching Fireflies

I fully realize that these pictures are not the best quality, but I had to share them anyway because I want to remember the true whimsy of childhood.  

Last night, we were sitting on the porch when the fireflies starting lighting up.  The kids took off across the yard chasing them down.  Of course Ellie was too rough, which ended in this quote, "Oh no.  I kill Tinker Bell.  Her dead."  Haha!  

Eli was a little lighting bug whisperer catching just about everything he ran after.  He was so sweet trying to help Ellie with her aggression level.  Ha!  Eric went inside and got a Mason Jar and poked holes in the lid.  We made them a nice little habitat for the night.  

Of course, the kids a fight over whose room they got to sleep in.  I guess we will be catching fireflies again tonight so it's all even.  

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