Monday, June 20, 2016

Fathers Day Camping Fun

We decided to spend Father's Day weekend enjoying another camping trip, so we loaded up the camper and headed to the Narrows Campground about 40 minutes away.  

The facility is on the lake, so after setting up I took the kids down to the beach and wading area so that Eric could finish unloading everything without the "help" of Eli and Ellie. 

Some friends of ours were also camping, so we headed out with them for a little time on the lake before cooking dinner. 

Ellie was so stinking brave.  I'm talking about jumping right in and having no fear whatsoever even when she saw a "Dory."  It made me a nervous wreck, but luckily, Eli has a healthy respect for the water, so he was more manageable. 

We figured our pretty quickly that it worked best for me to follow around Ellie and Eric to run after Eli.  Yes, we are helicopter parents on occasion, but I think the lake warrants it. 

Eli and Wade had the best time.  

And obviously Ellie enjoyed herself too.  I think we need to get a boat... PRONTO!!  These kids need the water. 

Back at camp, we grilled hotdogs and then headed to watch the nightly movie.  As per usual, my two did not last long. We made the most of it and headed back to the camper for bed so that we were ready for the lake on Saturday.

We have figured out that the best way to get the kids down is to do a variation of our nighttime routine, so we pack our 19'' tv and blue ray player for the camper.  The kids get to watch one movie and get their nightly snack of gummies and juice.  It's not perfect, but the consistency is key.  So, while they watched "Finding Nemo" Eric and I sat by the fire in peace and quiet!

Normally we make a big breakfast when we go camping, but we weren't really feeling it this trip, so it was cereal for the win! The kids were thrilled because we never eat cereal in the mornings.

After breakfast, we spent most of the day on the lake with more swimming, lots of snacks, and a boat ride to get the little ones to sleep.  

We ate dinner at Paradise Point, which is a fancy hotdog joint.  The kids road bikes, played and roasted s'mores back at camp.  We were supposed to go back to the lake on Sunday, but Eli woke up about 5:00 am screaming with an earache.  True to form, he was oozing drainage from his ears, so Eric ran home and got the drops.  He and Eli slept pretty late, but when they woke up, we decided to head for home instead of the lake.  

The only thing that eased the pain of cutting it short, is knowing that we have a few more trips planned this summer.  Next up...Camp Rudolph and Holiday World!!

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