Monday, June 27, 2016

Miscellaneous Monday

Today has been a good one.  I'm off work all this week as a precautionary measure to help care for Eli, so my first order of business this morning was to knock out some laundry before meeting Eric's mom to get Ellie.

They were so excited to be reunited, although I'm certain that their enthusiasm will be short-lived. Ha!  After lunch with Dixie, we headed back for Bowling Green and stopped by Eric's work to say hi.

Back at home, Ellie wasted no time getting into her princess dresses.

Since this is the first night in about a month that it hasn't been about a billion degrees, we decided to head outside to play while Eric worked on cleaning the car.

After enjoying push-pops, I decided to let the kids play in the water.  Eli still can't swim or do anything physically straining, so we improvised and turned the water hose on "mist" to let them play.  Haha!  They were thrilled.

We wrapped up the night we with more relaxing because, again, Eli has to take it easy.  They opted for Christmas pajamas and holiday movies.

We're currently watching "Jingle All The Way," cause that's what normal people do in June, right?

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