Thursday, June 16, 2016

Stand For Children Day

All month long, communities across the nation will set aside a Stand For Children Day.  Today we celebrated here in Bowling Green.  The event was at the Hot Rod stadium and more than 1000 kids came out.  

Each year, our districts has a table at the event where we hand out apples to the participants and teach them about bus safety.  Today my "work mom" tagged along for the fun.  It was about a billion degrees, but it was so much fun. 

On my way back to the office, I started thinking that they really do need us…the children.  They need us educate them, feed them, entertain them.  More importantly, they need us to help fill in the gaps where families and societies are failing them. They need us to teach them right from wrong.  They need us to lead them.  They need us to believe in them. They need us to love them. 

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