Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer Break Fun

We're trying to make the most of Eli's recovery by mixing some fun in with the boring moments of resting on the couch.  It's easier said than done because Eli is so limited in what he can do, so things like swimming, bowling, bouncy houses, water sports, etc. are out of the question.  Plus, anything we manage to do has to be followed by some rest so that he doesn't overdue it. 

My car has or have some work done on the wheels, so I met Eric at the dealership this morning to drop it off and pick up the loaner, then we headed to the County Clerk's Officer to renew the tags...just what every child dreams of.  Haha!  You know I had to take picture in front of our beautiful courthouse. 

As you can image, the experience was much like grocery shopping with kids in tow. And I would equate that with getting a root canal, so yeah.  Next year, I will be going alone!! 

The plan was to take the kids to Dollar Movies and then to play putt-putt since Eli was missing "golf day" with his friends at summer camp.  As per usual, I had the time and location all wrong, so the movie was out. 

I offered to take the kids to putt-putt or to Chuck E Cheeses, and after analyzing the situation, he determined that 30 tokens would be much more fun than nine holes of golf.  

After Chuck E Cheeses, we went to lunch at Pizza Hut buffet, and headed back home to rest.  Not a bad morning if you ask me.  

PS-  11:00 am on a weekday, is the PERFECT time to hit up Chuck E Cheeses.  Seriously, try it and thank me later. 

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