Tuesday, July 12, 2016


We finally got to see Griffin tonight for the first time in a long while.  We wish the circumstances surrounding our visit could have been different, but it was wonderful getting to see him.  After work, Eli and I swung by to get him and then it was back home for dinner.

The kids played Imaginext while I cooked.  We basically have the entire "Gotham City,"  so they were well entertained.  After dinner, we dressed everyone for an evening swim.  The water was freezing, so they didn't last too long before Griffin wanted out followed shortly by Ellie.

Eli was none too thrilled about this and proceeded to claim that Ellie was stealing his friend.  This lead to a major meltdown from Eli.  Poor Griffin was caught in the crossfire.  Eli finally came around and started playing again, which made Ellie mad.  She expressed her frustration by throwing a toy at Griffin.  Again, poor Griffin!

This meant more tears.  Bless her little prissy heart.  Being a baby sister is hard on a girl. Ha!  Worry not about our evening.  We salvaged it by watching the All-Star game and everyone was friends again.


We clearly need to work on our hospitality skills.  Although, I remember well, growing up with a friend whose age fell between me and my sister.  We fought bitterly over her,  so maybe Griffin should be honored that they were vying for his attention. 

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