Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 4th Celebrations: Day Two

I'm going to wrap up my July 4th posts today with a little recap of our last day and a half in Marion.

Sunday morning after breakfast, we headed back to the "home place" for the kids to play.  Ellie had six July 4th outfits, so we had to document them. 


Before the rain set in, the kids had a chance to play in the pool some more.  Shortly after, we started getting really strong winds and heavy rain.  Despite putting a literal and figurative damper on our plans, the rain was welcomed because it was much needed in the area. 

The festivities were only momentarily delayed because we moved everything either inside the house or under the carport.  Of course the weather didn't stop us from eating.  The main menu item was chicken, but we had all the fixins' including new desserts. 

Our personal favorite was the homemade ice-cream.  We had vanilla and banana.  I LOVED the banana.  It was so stinking good.   

We rounded out the evening with a friendly, or maybe I should say "competitive" game of Wheel of Fortune.  I didn't participate, but I enjoyed the spectacle.  Haha!

Monday morning we said our good-bye's to everyone before eating lunch and hitting the road.  Eli stayed behind because he still can't swim this week, and his summer camp goes swimming several times a week.  Ellie fell asleep about two minutes after we pulled onto the main road, so it was a pleasant trek back to Bowling Green, which is always much appreciated. 

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