Friday, July 1, 2016

Lexington: Day One

Since we can't swim, go to the park or do much else around here, we decided to make the most of the recovery period and head to Lexington to visit with my family.  After letting the kids sleep in yesterday, we did a few chores, cleaned up the house, and hit the road.  

My mom was at work, when we got there, so we hung out with my dad.  Eli asked to eat at "Shannon's brother's restaurant" for supper.  That would be Frishe's if you're wondering.  Apparently my sister told the kids that "Big Boy" was Shannon's brother.  Haha!  It stuck with them and now that's what they call the place.

After dinner, we went to visit with my Granny.  It was a beautiful night, so we sat outside while Eli played "baseball" with a stick and ping-pong running, of course. 

Eli was in "Flower Child" heaven running through granny's garden. Haha!!

These two are buddies.

After a few obligatory photos, we decided to knock something else off of our Summer Bucket List...SNOW CONES!!!

The kids were thrilled!

And the sugar didn't hype them up at all.  Ha!

Worry not.  They had plenty of time of settle down while my sister and I went to the store for grocery for our cookout the next night! We may have leisurely strolled through the aisle while we were kid-free. 

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