Saturday, July 2, 2016

Lexington: Day Two

Ellie had a rough night tossing and turning all night, so I was happy to sleep in a bit on Thursday morning.  Mom had to work, so Dad, the kids, and I were lazy the first part of the day, but we got busy after lunch getting ready for the cookout. 

I hadn't seen Austin since the day he was born, so I could hardly wait to get my hands on him.  He's such a sweet little guy, and both of my kids were smitten with their new cousin!

It was nice to see everyone else too.  My Mimi and Sarah joined in on the occasion along with my siblings and their spouses.  Eric was the only one missing, but we'll get him next time. 

Of course, special occasions call for picture overload. I swear, if it wasn't for me, no one in my family would take photos!

Mimi and the great grand-grandbabies!  Come November, we'll have another sweet one to add to the pictures. 

For now, the "grand-dog" will have to do.  Haha!  

The men of the bunch.  As it stands, Ellie is the only girl on both sides of the family.  I have a hunch that she may be a little spoiled if we don't add some estrogen to the mix. 

After dinner, we went back to see Granny and have a few more pictures because that's just what you do when everyone starts having babies. 

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