Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Midweek Musings

Happy Hump Day!  Doesn't it feel so great to be halfway though the work week?  We don't have any big plans this weekend, so we are looking forward to some family time on Saturday and a few fun activities on Sunday. 

This week has been a lot of fun with the rain slacking off just a bit and Griffin visiting on Tuesday.  Tonight we had some impromptu fun swimming as a family and playing some games.  Last month after Eli's surgery, we ran in Target to get Eli a gift.  While we were there, Eric found a package of games for $6, so we bought them for the camper.  We busted them out tonight, and it was some good, family fun!

This is my last week of summer hours at work.  This basically means that I work extra time Monday-Thursday so that I can make up enough hours to leave at noon on Friday.  I usually go in 30 minutes early and take a 30 minute lunch.  This gives me an hour each day.  There was a Board Meeting this week, so I will actually have more time!

Please excuse the random photo dump.  If you follow me on Instagram, these are all explained there.  I just want to add them to my blog for memory's sake.  Anyway, we had a milestone in our house this week.  I busted out my pageant gowns.  Out of all of the years I competed, I had ONE favorite.  I really wanted to wear it for my wedding, but I didn't since it was "bubblegum pink."

Apparently Ellie is just like her Momma because of all the dresses I pulled out, she fancied this one.  Ha! What a joy to share these special memories with her!

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