Thursday, July 28, 2016

Missing The Babies

Ya'll the house has been both gloriously and painfully quiet this week.  While Eric and I have enjoyed our time alone, we have also missed the kiddos…a lot!

We took advantage of the time to stock up on some Disney surprises for the trip later this fall, and while I was putting it all away, I found this precious drawing from our last trip.  Keep in mind, this was almost 18 months ago, and we never knew this existed.  Sweet boy!

While we are talking about Disney, look what I found while we were shopping!  I got it for $8, ya'll!  All it needs is a sweet little monogram, and we are all set. 

As for the kids.  Clearly, they are enjoying their time with Gigi and Pawpaw.  Dad sent me this picture from Monkey Joes.  I can't wait to see them on Saturday!

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