Sunday, July 31, 2016

Splash Park

I feel like summer is kind of a lost cause this year between all the rain, the sickness, and all craziness.  Lucky for me, I married an eternal optimist who believes in seizing the day.  He suggested that after church today, we take the kids to the splash park in town, which is exactly what we did.

It's funny because until this year, Eli has always been a little skittish of the the water spraying up in his face, but he embraced it today, running straight through the spray.

Ellie loved it too.  She has no fear whatsoever.

Eric and I had the best time watching them run and play while we sat under the shelter of a nearby shade tree.

Being the cool dad that he is, Eric decided that we needed snacks and ran up the road to grab us some treats.

While he was gone, the kids played and let me take lots of pictures.

It was such a fun afternoon as a family, and a great activity for our little reunion.  I'm hoping that we wore them out and that they will sleep well tonight.

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