Monday, July 18, 2016

Sunday Fun

We had the most wonderful Sunday spending time with friends and our church family.  Obviously, we started the day with our weekly photo!  After church, we came home for a quick lunch before heading to Griffin's birthday party. 

It was themed "Super Heroes," which is something my kids know a thing or two about.  Eric dropped the kids and I off at the party and then went to Wal-Mart for shells because our church was having a potluck and Trap Shoot contest.  How insanely southern is that combo?! Ha.  Love  it!

We didn't get to stay at the party too long because we had to make it to the church event, so after getting what he needed at Wal-Mart, Eric came back to pick up the kids and I.

The church event was a ton of fun and such a great evening.  I loved watching the kids run and play without a care in the world.  So many I am burdened by the world my kids are growing up in.  Aside from the obvious turmoil, the pace of our lives can be suffocating.  It was refreshing to see my kids surround by Godly men and women.  No one was rushed.  No one was glued to their electronic devices.  We were talking, loving and living, and it was so good for my heart!

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