Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sweet Sunday

Happy Sunday, ya'll!  We have had another great day.  I love the saying, "A Sunday well spent brings a week full of content."  It's so true!  

We started the day with church.  Of course, I had to get pictures of my kiddos dressed up!  After church, we came home and enjoyed panini sandwiches for lunch and an afternoon of swimming.

The kids are getting to the age where they don't need me in the pool watching their every move.  As long as I can see them and hear them, I am able to keep a good eye on them.  Even though I'm one to cry at each milestone, I may be enjoying this newfound freedom.  I foresee more reading in my future while they splash around.  Obviously, I'll still be keeping a vigilant watch so everyone stays safe.

We enjoyed some pineapple for snack and then Eric smoked us a ham for dinner.  We love doing this because we take the leftover ham and turn it into chopped BBQ for dinner the next night.  It's so good!

After dinner, we let the kids play some more while we got everything ready for the week.  We're all trying to get back into the groove of things, so it may a rough a Monday. 

Apparently the swimming wore Ellie plum out because she asked to have her paci at 7:00.  Our rule is that she can only have it at bedtime, so I was surprised when she agreed to go to her room.  At 7:30 when we went to check on her, this is what we found:

Have I mentioned how much I love swimming? Perk number wears everyone out!

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