Friday, July 8, 2016

The Little Mermaid

The sun finally decided to come out today, so me and my girl made the most of it this afternoon.  After lunch with Eric and a kid-free grocery run, I picked up this little bathing beauty from daycare, and we headed outside to catch some rays. 

She is such a little fish, but if you use that terminology, she will quickly correct you and let you know that she is not a fish, but indeed a mermaid.  Bless her prissy little heart!

She is such good company too because she is content to lounge in the sun with me or swim around the pool while I relax on the float.  He favorite water activity is playing Barbies and The Little Mermaid.  In fact, when she talked to Eli on the phone tonight, she asked him if he would play Barbies in the pool with her. 

I love summertime, so I'm glad that my kids enjoy it too.  If it ever stops raining, we will have lots pool days in our future!

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