Saturday, July 9, 2016

Together Again

Today has been wonderful in so many ways.  After getting up and making a big breakfast, Ellie and I headed outside to catch up on sunbathing.  Eric is still dealing with vertigo, so he stayed inside to rest.  Poor Ellie got stung by a bee and was done for the day, so she went inside with Daddy.  That gave me a solid hour and a half to lay out and read.  After the craziness of the past few weeks, it was a much needed break.

After a relaxing afternoon, we got cleaned up and headed to get Eli.  We only made it a few miles down the road when we had to turn around and take Eric home.  The vertigo and a long car ride were not going to mix too well, so Ellie and I headed on to Beaver Dam.  We met Eric's parents, ate a quick dinner, and let the kids play on the playground before heading home.

It felt to good to get Eli home and have everyone under one roof!  Of course the first item on the agenda was a dip in the pool.  After two weeks off limits after the surgery, he was more than ready to make a splash.

We lit the Tiki torches, and it looks like we're swimming in a jungle. Ha!  The peace may be short-lived because I'm sure the kids will be back to fighting tomorrow, but they were so happy to see each other and have been so sweet.  

I think think of a better way to spend a Saturday!

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