Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cave Sing 2016

One of our all-time favorite Christmas traditions is Cave Sing.  Last year it conflicted with our travel schedule, so we had to miss out.  The good news is that we made up for it this year. 

The kids are at such good ages right now.  Everyone is potty trained.  Everyone is mobile. Everyone can communicate their needs, and to some extent, they both understand what is going on. 

Ellie was a little nervous about going in the cave, and I have no idea why.  She has been a half dozen times in her lifetime already.  I'm thinking Eli may be behind her it maternal intuition.

Luckily, she warmed right up and thoroughly enjoyed the music and festivities.  Eli was just thrilled to be reunited with Owen.  It's been way too long since we have hung out with the Adkins family. 

Back outside the cave, we met Santa Clause for the first time this season. Eli informed us that this was not the real Santa but rather a helper. He still believes, so I didn't correct him.

We chatted it up with the Adkins and enjoyed the kids knocking their brains out on the penny machine. There were also a few hundred meltdowns, but that's what happens when you get six kids out in public.  Haha!

It was such a great day and a wonderful way to kick off the Christmas season.  I can't wait to make more memories with these people of mine in the weeks ahead.

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