Monday, December 12, 2016

Sunday Fun

This morning at church these little ladies were so stinking good in Sunday School.  They even answered all the questions right when it came time to review the lesson, so we may finally be on to something.  Ha!

They are such great little friends and love to be together.  I enjoy their weekly fashion show, personally. 

I want to take these pictures and capture these sweet moments because we'll blink twice and they will be in Youth Group, and I'm just not ready for that.

After church we kept our weekly tradition of eating Mexican, and then we headed home for some rest and relaxation, which didn't last too long because Eli's teacher sent out a classroom reminder that the Christmas Tradition project.  Of course, I had it on the calendar for Tuesday.

Lucky for me, Eric is basically a genius and whipped this beauty together in now time using an old wreath and some stuff from around the house. Here are what each item represents on the Tradition Tree.

1. Louisville Foam Finger: Watching UK vs. Louisville Game
2. Happy Birthday: Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus
3. The Jingle Bell: Going to Polar Express every year
4. Basketball Player: Playing Basketball with Colby 
5. Present: Open Presents with family

Here's the proud Second Grader now.  He practiced his speech a few times, and he did such a great job.  His communication skills are on point, which makes me super proud!

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