Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Flower Child Becomes The Flower Girll

Yesterday started off a bit busy with a ballgame bright and early.  Eli scored all but one basket for his team, including a three pointer!  We are so proud of him.

After the game, we ran to town for a few errands and a quick lunch at Pizza Hut.  Then it was back home to get ready for the wedding. 

Ellie was all about getting her hair curled and all dolled up.  She is such a little prissy-pot, and I love it!

She and I left early for the wedding so that she could be in all the photos and do another practice run in the venue.

She was eating it all up. She loved everything about getting to be a flower-girl.

When it was time to walk down the isle, she did great.  However, once she was on stage, she spotted a Sunday School friend, and it was all over.  She ran off the stage and straight to her friend. I ended up having to get up and get her, which was so embarrassing. 

Me and my forever date.  I can't believe we did this eight years ago.  PS- if the bride and groom follow in our footsteps, they will be preggers in 8 weeks.  Ha!  Just sayin'.  We were surprised ourselves when we found out.

Of course that little bundle has brought us so much joy.  Just look at him now, seven years old and as cute as he can be. 

The kids loved dancing and eating cake and just being crazy.  After such a great evening, this little lady crashed on the way home...if only she had stayed that way for the night. 

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