Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Story of a Phone

It would not be Christmastime in the Watson home without a mini catastrophe. Does the the Lay-a-way Disaster of 2015 ring a bell?  You know...the time I forgot my items and had to run all over town to find last minute gifts for the kids?  What about the illness that hit in 2010 or the trip to Urgent Care on Christmas Eve in 2011 for a nasty sinus infection?  Then there was the time in 2012 when my mom totaled the truck the day they came down to celebrate?  Ellie got an eye infection on Christmas Day in 2013.  The good news is that 2014 went smoothly as far as I can remember.

Worry not. It's all good, ya'll. We're blessed that it's never been anything more than minor inconveniences that make for great stories later on when the chaos dies down.  This year was not without incident.  Yesterday, we spent the afternoon getting ready for Christmas.  Eric put together the toys while I entertained the kids, wrapped presents and did a little cleaning and laundry. Since we didn't want the kids to see the outdoor toys, we waited until the sun set before we headed to the grocery store to get everything for our Christmas meal.

We were unable to get one of the items on our list, so we stopped by a second store on our way home.  Since we were in a hurry, Eric dropped me off at the door, and I ran inside to get it.  While I was waiting in line, I scrolled through my phone until it died.  I put it in my pocket, paid the cashier, and left.  

After carrying in the groceries, putting them away, eating dinner, and cleaning up, I remembered that my phone needed charging, but it was nowhere to be found.  Eric and I looked all over the house, searched the fridge, went through the trash, tore apart the car, and even took a headlamp with us outside to retrace our steps through the yard.  It was g-o-n-e...GONE!

After calling the store and speaking with the clerk who had checked me out, I was informed that it had not been turned in. At this point, I decided to head back to the store to see if I could find it.  I arrived just a few minutes before closing, so the manager offered to let me watch the security video as soon as she finished closing out the register.  The wait was long but worth it because I saw myself put the phone in my pocket before leaving.  Confident that it was, indeed, at home, I headed back to the house where we repeated my search once again.  When it did not turn up, Eric and I concluded that it must have fallen out of my pocket in the parking lot when I got back in the car. Stressed and tired, we threw in the towel and headed to bed.

This morning, we decided to head to the store to get a new phone since we were due an upgrade.  I gave Eric the upgrade and took his phone as a replacement because it was his turn for a new one. Plus, I felt really crappy about losing/destroying yet another electronic devise.  Eric laughingly said that knowing our luck, we would probably find the lost phone before the end of the day.  Wouldn't you know that's exactly what happened?

As we were walking in the house, Eli dropped his water bottle into the landscaping. When I bent down to pick it up, there sat the phone in the bush.  I never, in a million years, would have looked under the bush for the phone. Had Eli not dropped his drink, I never would have seen it, and it would probably have laid there until spring. 

It had apparently fallen our of my pocket while we were carrying in the groceries. Despite the flash-flooding and being outside all night, the phone was fine after it sat in a bag of rice for a few hours.  It was a Christmas miracle!

We are now the proud owners of THREE iPhones.  Ha!

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