Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Library Days

I was in meetings all day long yesterday, so I was able to leave work a bit early.  The kids have been begging to go to the library, so I surprised them with a quick trip.

When I worked in television, I got off at noon every day so we had a weekly library date.  Eli remembers that little tradition well, so he always wants to go back.  Naturally, it closes about 5 minutes after I pick up the kids, we never make it. 

Today was an exception, and they were so excited.  It broke my heart so much that Eli passed up the easy readers and headed straight to the chapter books.  It just doesn't seem right!

Ellie doesn't much remember going to the library, so she was wide open taking it all in. 

The treehouse enthralled them both, and even prompted a bit of reading before we left. 

I'm so grateful that they both like to read, and I may channel that enthusiasm a bit by trying to take a few more trips to the library whenever our schedules allow.  

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