Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekend Recap

The first full weekend of 2016 has come and gone, and it was spent just the way it should be with lots of family time, a few fun activities, and a dash of relaxation.

We started the day off at Eli's ballgame, and we were supposed to hit the road for Lexington as soon as it ended.  As luck would have it, of course, a kid hit Eric in the face with a basketball and broke his glasses.

Even though we were a bit delayed, we made the most of it by hitting up Krispy Kreme Donuts while the eye doctor repaired the glasses. 

The ride to Lexington wasn't terrible other than the kids asking, "how much longer" every five minutes.  I think they were just excited to be opening Christmas gifts.  

We enjoyed a few minutes visiting with family before opening presents.  Mom and Dad made a huge dinner for everyone, so it was nice to be together as a family.  We even managed a group shot with everyone including the two new babies!

On Sunday Eric and I went to church with my dad and sister while my mom kept the kids.  It was super cold, and she wasn't feeling very well.   After a quick lunch, we packed up everything and headed back home to get ready for the week. 

After a few loads of laundry, some unpacking and reorganizing, I picked up the groceries.  We ate dinner, bathed the kids and are ready for a full work week ahead. 

I hate that it had to end, but I'm so grateful that we had such a good time. 

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