Monday, February 13, 2017

A Little Pre-Valentine's Day Encouragement

Sometimes I feel like a grownup cheerleader. Not a literal cheerleader because I can’t even clap on beat much less tumble across the floor, but like a “life” cheerleader…an encourager.

Every personality test or work skills survey I’ve ever taken has validated this feeling.  The problem is that I’m really under-qualified to be giving advice.  I blow it with my kids every single day. We run late, I raise my voice, and they survive on chicken nuggets, frozen pizza, and spaghettiOs.  I’m just so grateful that they have a variety of shapes because so far I have successfully convinced them that they’re eating something new. So, yeah… I’m probably not your gal in the parenting department.

When it comes to marriage, you might want to steer clear of my advice too.  I mean, someone at work asked for my husband’s full name so that they could add him to the prayer list at their church because they feel bad for him having to deal with me. I think they were joking, but either way, I won't be offering any words of matrimonial wisdom.

In all seriousness, I’m in no position to offer advice to anyone. In fact, I had all but quit blogging because I feared being a fraud.  I am not Polly Perfect, but I’m also uncomfortable sharing every detail of my life. I never want to appear to be something I’m not. Just know that no matter how honkey-dory everything seems, I have my own issues, my own shortcomings, and my own insecurities that are just not going to be front page news on this blog…sorry!  

With that being said, I am comfortable with owning my own crazy, and through that, I can encourage you on the journey because I’m walking it with you, sister.  I want to share this picture with you because I think it represents the insanity that is my life.  Let’s review it, shall we?

1.     Valentine’s Cards: I need to start with a major confession.  Ellie’s preschool class had their party today, and I totally missed that memo.  Bless her heart, she was probably the only kid without some adorable Pinterest craft.  At least she was dressed for the occasion. Also, this is nowhere near as embarrassing as the time I sent Eli to daycare with a costume thinking it was Halloween and it was actually the day before.  That could mess a kid up. Anyway, we clearly procrastinated.  What can I say?  This was all that was left at the store this afternoon, and I filled them out while Eric was cooking dinner. The kids got a great lesson in time-management. As a side note, so far no one needs therapy from my mistakes.

2.    Apple Slices: We were just a bit off kilter last week, so Eli didn’t bring home his Valentine’s Day Party sign-up sheet until Thursday.  By the time I responded, all that was left to bring were apple slices.  Not wanting to be the slacker mom, I agreed.  Since I’m such an overachiever, I bought McDonald’s apple slices for every kid in the class. Judge if you will, but I had my reasons.
                                               i.     It was way easier than chopping apples
                                              ii.     It saved a ton of time since I had a meeting at work tonight
                                            iii.     It’s more sanitary during high flu season
                                            iv.     It keeps the apples from browning (Thanks for making me feel better, Eric)

3.    Coffee: I overpaid on the apples and didn’t have time to wait for a refund, so I convinced the teenage clerk to even it out with a coffee.  It’s a genius move if I do say so myself.

Ya’ll, my point is this.  Tomorrow a lot of us are going to log onto Facebook or Instagram or some other form of social media and be tempted to feel like failures because we didn’t do the Pinterest craft, or attend the school party, or send a cute heart-shaped sandwich in the lunch box packed with organic options.

 If that’s you’re thing, rock it!  For the rest of us, breathe.  Tell those babies you love them, buy the cheap Valentines, and stop by the gas station for a Snicker’s bar on your way home. And when everyone is in bed, steal their candy and take a bubble bath.

You’re doing a great job.  I promise.  If you don’t believe me, just remind yourself that at least you didn’t forgot your child’s first preschool party or send your toddler to daycare in a Halloween costume a day early.  You’ve got this!

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  1. I love you and how you own your crazy😊😂! And I am sooooo right there with you. I signed up for plates bc I knew I could order them on Amazon and they would come to me😂😂😂