Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Things That Go Bump In The Night

If you’ve been around this blog for very long, you know that the Watson home can sometimes be like the famous Scottish Poem, “Things That Go Bump In The Night.”  No, seriously.  The kids are underachievers when it comes to sleeping, but I’m not complaining.  Heck, after 6 years of sleepless nights, I can’t complain when someone wakes up to potty or has a bad dream.  Even now, it’s not unusual for someone to be up at some point during the night.  Ellie is a sleep-walker, which is interesting to say the least. And Eli has a thing about making sure his curtains are closed.  If there is so much as a tiny crack, he summons me to close them.

Anyway, this week has been particularly interesting in the sleeping department and its only Tuesday.  Sunday night into Monday I woke up in the wee hours of the morning and went to check on the kids before getting back in bed.  I forgot that the metal dog cage was folded up and leaning against the wall in the hallway, and when I turned to leave Ellie’s room I ran into it and knocked it over. Naturally, it made the most awful racket you’ve ever heard when in crashed to the ground.  I’m pretty sure that Eric thought we had an intruder, but he played it cool. Now, you’re probably wondering why we have a dog cage in my hallway, and you aren’t the only one.  Let’s just agree to skim over that little detail and move on with the rest of the story.

Something woke me up early this morning, so I made my usual rounds to make sure that everyone was still breathing before getting back in the bed.  I guess I woke Eric because he turned over in bed to notice that our security lights had been triggered.  With the impending storm, he thought that maybe the dog had escaped, so he got himself out of the bed and outside to check on everything.  All was well, but the super-cowardly dog was starting to howl from the weather, so Eric made the wise decision to bring the outside dog…inside.  It went as well as could be expected.  We spent the rest of the night getting him out of the toilets, taking away stuffed animals, and directing him away from the kids’ rooms.  Of course all our efforts were in vain because he woke Ellie up, who was super excited to see our little midnight visitor. 

I’m starting to see a trend here, and it involves the dog.  Here’s to hoping that tonight run more smoothly because I could use some good shut-eye.

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