Thursday, November 9, 2017

Our Little Bundle of Drama

My poor second child gets a little neglected on the ole Mommy Memoir.  Back when I was a regular blogger, if Eli made a good poop I wrote about it, but Ellie's major accomplishments don't get recorded as promptly. 

Don't worry too much though.  She's seems to handle it pretty well by channeling her inner Disney Princess, and her current favorite is Ariel. Last year her Nanna bought her some fins that you can actually swim in and her Gigi got the matching wig.  Good times, ya'll!

We've had a few meltdowns over this little ensemble a time or two, including a full-blown temper- tantrum during a high school performance of The Little Mermaid.  We were in the front row...need I explain more?

On another occasion, Ellie wanted to wear this outfit to the ballpark, but as you can see from the photo above, that would have made her completely immobile. In a moment of frustration I said a four-letter word in reference to the fins.  When Eric asked her where I was going, she innocently replied, "To get the d*mn fins."  Clearly, that was not one of my finer parenting moments. 

Every Halloween, Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon one (I can't remember) asks parents to submit videos of them telling their kids they ate all the candy.  Eric and I laugh hysterically at this each year, but Eli never reacts to it.  We decided to try this year with Ellie who very dramatically through herself on the floor crying, "Why did you ruin my life?"

What's so funny is that she only left the room long enough to use the restroom, so there's no way that was even possible!  One of my greatest regrets in life is that Eric didn't give me a heads up so that I could record this display of ridiculousness. 

I know this will shock you as much as an insensitive Donald Trump tweet, but our Little Prissy Sissy loves a lot.  Bless her, I had no problem handing down my old ones for her enjoyment.  I felt like it was a real bonding moment when she asked to take one to daycare for Show and Tell, although she probably took full ownership of them and gave no credit to her momma.  

She wears her little head ornaments just about everywhere, including restaurants, the store, and even an occasional hiking trip.  You just never know when you might other royalty. 

Ellie is also a big believer in the proper role of accessorizing, especially boring outfits like baseball uniforms. And hours spent at the ballpark is no excuse to look less than glamorous.

The other night we had the following conversation that was super good for my self esteem:

Me: Ellie, when I grow up, can I be beautiful like you?
Ellie:  No.  God made you ugly. 

She's also a great artist!  Just look at this unicorn she drew for us. 

We call Ellie our "Little Bundle of Drama" and enjoy her BIG personality.  We can't wait to see what God has in store for her, although we are slightly terrified of the teenage years...bless it!

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