Thursday, January 11, 2018


Our end of town has a new Parks and Recreation gym that is just absolutely amazing!  While the facility is super nice, I think the best part is probably running into all of our friends at the basketball games since we aren't all spread out at random elementary gyms across the county.

Tonight we ran into some of our buddies from baseball, so naturally we had to take a group photo.  And despite the nearly matching uniforms, Eli is on a different team, which means we're missing our buddies. While I do enjoy watching my boy play some basketball, I'm kinda ready for spring and reuniting with all of these boys and their families.

I wonder if they're ready for me and my enthusiasm?  Haha!

Oh, and perhaps the most excited of all are the little sisters who run screaming toward each other every time we bump into each other despite the fact that they see each other at daycare everyday.  I guess there's just something special about being bleacher buddies.

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