Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Weekend Fun

Ya'll, I have decided to plunge back into blogging about the little tidbits about our daily lives.  Maybe one day I will explain why I stopped and the craziness of life that happened during that busy season, but not today.  Today, I want to jump headfirst into what's going on around these parts.

This year we got very luck and were able to celebrate both Eric's birthday and Easter on the same day, and what better way than a trip to Marion?  We hadn't been in since Thanksgiving, so it was the perfect time to take a little visit.  

Eric was off for Good Friday, so I took a half day and we hit the road after about a billion stops in town.  We made it to Marion just before dinner and had a relaxing evening.

Saturday morning Eli and Eric went to the ballpark to watch a cousin if we don't spend enough time at the ball field.  Ha!  Eli ended up getting to fill-in since they were a player down, which he loved. 

When they got back, Eric's mom and I fed the kids a quick lunch and headed to a jump place in Eddyville to meet up with some cousins so that the kids could run off a little energy since this is the eternal winter. It was the neatest little place with several bouncy houses that were perfect for smaller kids.  Plus at $5 a pop, you can't go wrong!

While we were gone, Eric and his dad went fishing, so we had all worked up an appetite for dinner!  After some delicious pizza, we cleaned up and let the kids dye some Easter eggs.  They're really at the perfect age because Eli is still young enough to be interested and Ellie is finally old enough to be independent!

After they finished their masterpieces, we rounded out the night with baths and laying out all of our clothes so that we could get dressed and make it out of the house in time for church the next morning!

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