Monday, May 7, 2018

Back To The Basics

Do ya'll ever go through seasons of life that just plum  That's sorta where I have been for a while and somewhere along the way, blogging kinda got thrown to the wayside except for the occasional sappy post when I just need a little "keyboard therapy."  But here's the thing, tonight is Kindergarten Readiness Night at Ellie's school...kindergarten, ya'll!  Three more months and I'm out of the baby, toddler, and preschool stage once and for all.

Now, don't you think for a second that I'm sad about that.  I don't miss the baby days one iota, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom that comes from leaving the toddler stage behind.  Getting older and celebrating new milestones is a beautiful thing and I am looking so forward to the "middle years" with my two little Watsons.

But you know what I am a little sad about?

I'm sad that I let this blog get dusty.  I'm sad that I got so busy with life that I forgot to document it. I'm sad I let a million other things distract me while these babies of mine became school age children.  And I'm sad that in trying to survive the chaos, I stopped celebrating the little moments that make life so magical.  Blogging had a way of holding me accountable and challenging me to see the beauty in the monotony of daily living.

I really want to become more dedicated to this blog and documenting these precious memories that are so fleeting. In three months I'll have a kindergartener, in three years I'll have a middle schooler, and then I'll blink and it'll be driver's licenses, graduations, weddings, and their babies.  But today, I have them...five year-old Ellie and eight year-old Eli and I don't want to take another moment of that fore granted.  So I hope be a little more regular around these parts.

And while I will always promise to "keep it real,"  I will also promise to protect the privacy of my family, which means that behind the happy smiles, posts about fun outings, and silly little stories is real life; messy, beautiful, painful, wonderful life...just like yours.

Here's to new beginnings...AGAIN!!

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