Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I Need Your Input

Hello again, Friends!  If you read my post yesterday you know that I have "committed" to writing on my blog again regularly to keep this little memory book alive for my family .  If you didn't read my post yesterday, just skip it because that's the gist of it.

Anyway, one of the things I most enjoy doing with Eric and the kids is traveling...specifically to Disney World.  We have visited the parks six times in eight years, and I enjoy the planning process ALMOST as much as I do the actual visit.

Through my research of the parks, I have noticed something interesting.  There are two kinds of "Disney Experts."  The first group is made up of people who travel often, like three or four times a year. They stay in the Deluxe Hotels, dine in the Signature Restaurants, and wear designer clothes to the hottest place on the planet!

The other group of "Disney Experts" are on the opposite extreme of the spectrum.  They coupon their way to Disney, hit up all the free activities outside of the parks, and never set foot inside one of the festive restaurants.

While I have learned a lot of helpful things from BOTH groups of "Disney Experts," I find it interesting that there is so little information out there for "Real Families" like mine. You know what I'm talking about, families who need to save money but don't want to completely skip out on the magical experiences avaiable.

So...all of that to ask if you would be interested in a weekly post about how we make Disney work for us, the Watson Family.  I am NOT a "Disney Expert," so it would just be tips, tricks and thoughts from my personal experiences.  I'm thinking about topics like how we plan or trip, Fast Past suggestions, restaurant/ride reviews and sneak peaks of the resorts we have called home on our visits.

I get asked a lot about our trips, so I know there is at least some interest but you tell me...would you be interested?  Is that something that would be helpful or just annoying?

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