Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Kindergarten Open House

 Last night was Ellie's Kindergarten Open House, and she was so very excited.  Honestly, I wanted to skip the festivities but decided at the last minute that I would regret that decision one day, so when I picked her up from daycare, we changed clothes and took a few pictures in front of the school before getting Eli.

Our school is the oldest building in the district and just a staple in our little "Mayberry."  They quite literally close the street down for Fall Festival.  The entire community comes out to participate and everyone pulls together for the Back To School Bash and Grandparents Day.  It really is a precious, precious town that centers around the school (and churches). 

We were super early for Open House but didn't have enough time to go home, so after getting the obligatory pictures, we picked up Eli and the kids played on the playground until time for everything to begin.

The entire event was very well done from the red carpet they rolled out for arrival to the classroom visits for students and the bus ride around the block. Even the older siblings were excited to attend.

Once inside, we had no trouble finding our friends.  Like I said earlier, we kinda live in "Mayberry," so these kiddos grow up going to daycare, church, and school together.  Not to mention, they play on the same teams, and sit in the same bleachers, and just do life together.  Neither Eric nor I are from here, but everyone has just loved us and our kids and made us feel like we've been apart of the community for our entire lives!

These three have been friends since birth and I pitty the teacher who ends up with all three of them (or even two of them).  They are the three amigos, and I can't wait to watch their friendship continue to bloom!

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