Thursday, June 14, 2018

Summer Fun With Nan and Grandad

We are so lucky that our parents are willing to help us out a few weeks each summer with the kids!  It's wonderful that they get time with their grandparents and even better that we save some money on childcare while also getting some alone time and an opportunity to do some projects around the house.  

We started the grandparent tour off with five days at Nan and Grandad's house and they'll go visit my parents for a week next month.  As you can see, they had the very best time!  They ate their favorite foods, got all the sweets they could ever want, snuggled up with bedtime movies every night and got to enjoy some fun activities like the bounce house. 

They also went to the country club with Colby where they learned how to jump off the diving board.  I can't even believe they have gotten so big.  Some of my favorite childhood memories were spent at our country club learning how to do new tricks.  Seriously, how did I become old enough to have kids doing the same thing?

Back at the house, Nan and Grandad got a little creative with the wading pool this year!  Who says you need a country club?  I think the Little Watsons were more than happy with a water hose, sliding board, and kiddie pool!

We are so grateful for the memories they're making, which is the only thing that make me feel slightly less guilty about shipping them off during the summer.  Ha! 

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