Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Summer Fun

I feel like we have gone at a "break neck pace" for months on end, so it was a refreshing change to have an almost commitment free weekend. We made the most of it with some quality family time and a lot of summer fun!

We spent pretty much the entire day swimming on Saturday and only got out of the pool long enough to eat lunch, snack on some popsicles and head to Eli's fish-fry on Saturday night. 

It was much more of the same on Sunday afternoon, which was a fun way to wrap up the weekend.

The kids have discovered the joy of dining outside under the umbrella, which is something that helps keep them happy and my kitchen slightly cleaner. 

This little Blondie and I have spent so many summers in the pool.  We have floated, splashed, played, and schemed some pretty fun ideas.  He taught himself how to swim and he continues to love being in pool, only he enjoys his sister's imagination much more than mine now. 

By the time this little water baby was old enough to swim, I was already working full-time so our time together in the pool has been much more scarce but equally as enjoyable.  As much as she loves to sunbathe, I have a feeling we have many years ahead of us to enjoy the water and catch some rays.  Oh, and she is also a self-taught swimmer.

We wrapped it all up with a classic, country summertime dinner of fried pork chops, green beans, mac n cheese, fresh tomatoes and onion/cucumber salad. YUM!!! Of course the highlight of our weekend was celebrating Eric for Father's Day!  

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