Thursday, June 7, 2018

Summer Nights and Baseball Lights

Just because we don't have enough baseball in our life, we wanted to head to the ballpark to watch our buddies in their last games of the season.  Ellie was a little bit undecided about participating in softball this season, but as soon as she heard that all of her friends were on the same team, she determined that she should play next year.  She's already picked a coach and named her future team "The Glitter Hitters." Ha!

She's much more concerned about her social honor than her athletic ability, so it should be an interesting season when she finally gets to play.  I can't wait!!

After the girls' games, we switched parks and got to hang out with our buddies while watching some of our other friends play.  They were on opposite fields, so I'm not really sure what the final outcomes were, but we were there more for the social aspect.

We have been so grateful to play on some amazing teams and have made the very best friendships along the way.  To not be from these parts, we sure do feel welcomed and sports have gone a long way in establishing our family here.  I can't wait to watch these kiddos grow up together!

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