Monday, September 24, 2018

Fall Festival

Friday was our annual Fall Festival at the kids' school and yet another reminder of how much my kids are growing.  I seems like two weeks ago we were sweating it up at Eli's kindergarten festival while hovering over him like a helicopter and packing Ellie around on our hips.

It seems so funny that now Ellie is in school, and Eli is old enough to run around with his buddies all by himself.  Of course some things never change and he still loves the Big Red Toss and Toilet Trouble games.  Even Ellie made a "basket" on her turns at each. 

More her style was the hair coloring booth, which of course, had the longest lines.  Not only that, but she had to wait in line to have HER teacher do the honors.  She chose pink, purple and blue, and she was in flower-child heaven.  Bless her heart!

Eli on the other hand was much more concerned about winning the big prizes and we took home, not one but TWO, goldfish along with a cake from the cake walk and a liter of Citrus Drop, which is basically generic Mt. Dew, aka hyperactivity in a bottle.

I forgot to mention that a total monsoon hit about fifteen minutes before all of the activities started and everything, including the inflatables, had to be brought inside.  The poor volunteers were soaked to the bone from trying to bring everything inside out of the rain. 

We wrapped up the night by volunteering at the concession stand while Eli ran around with his friends. Both of my kids thought they were so big and Eric got to go home early, so all the Watsons were happy! Ha.

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