Friday, December 14, 2018

Christmas Caroling

Each year, the primary grade students at our school take a walking field trip around the community spreading holiday cheer by singing Christmas carols for neighbors.  The kids look so forward to this tradition and take it very seriously.  Eli was too old to go this year, but I was so happy my schedule allowed me the opportunity to go with Ellie.

I took a late lunch and headed to the school.  The kids were supposed to stop at five houses, so I had to prepare Ellie that I would need to leave early to make it to my next meeting.  Luckily, they decided to cut it short, so I was able to stay for each of the performances.

Two of the stops took us to the homes of families from church, which only added to Ellie's enthusiasm.  It was precious because it sounded like the kids were singing in rounds when they were actually just all over the place.  Ha!

How many schools get the opportunity to give back to their community in this way?  It is such a fun tradition everyone looks forward to and reinforces our love for this tiny, loving community.

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