Thursday, December 13, 2018

Friendly Rivalry

Tuesday night we had a big game against our baseball buddies.  It's always so fun, and yet so hard playing against your friends.  Eric and I actually ended up sitting with friends whose sons play on the opposing team. This basketball season has been a lot of fun because I keep catching myself cheering for our team (the Spurs) AND whoever we happen to be playing against. I just know so many of the kids this year. 

Of course my sudden surge in sportsmanship is likely due to the fact that I understand nothing about basketball.  NOTHING!!  I know that each team has a goal and you want to get the basket in that goal, but beyond that, I'm lost.  This little shortcoming does make for quite an enjoyable experience.  Ha!

It won't be long until we are back in the field again as teammates, but until then, it's fun meeting up against so many friends.  Go Spurs!

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