Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New Year, New Goals

Happy 2019, everyone!!

I can't even believe that I am writing that.  They tell you "time flies," but you really can't comprehend it until you wake up and realize you've been at this whole married with children thing for 10 years.  That's a decade, people. It's just crazy!


I have taken a long and inconsistent break from blogging, so one of my main goals this year is to get back into the habit of regularly documenting our life.  I prefer blogging over other social media outlets because it's more personal and not so "in your face." When scrolling through your feed on Facebook or Instagram, you just can't avoid certain things.

It seems that everyone either wants to show off their perfect homes, perfect children, perfect vacations, perfect lives, or they want to stir drama, give opinions, and talk politics. I couldn't give two hoots about any of those things, or at least what someone I met 15 years ago in a study group at college thinks.  I tend to view Instagram as the picture perfect outlet and Facebook as the breeding ground for drama. Whatever the experience, I can't avoid social.  It's part of the world in 2019.

Blogging is different.  For one thing, it's something you have to actually click on or intentionally look at, so it's not so "in your face."  Most importantly, however, it is real.  I can show the picture perfect photo and then explain what really went on behind the scenes. Blogging also documents my family and holds me personally accountable for things.  On a personal level, it encourages me to be intentional.  I tend to be a "go-with-the-flow" person - almost to a fault.  When I blog, I have to slow down to be intentional about taking the pictures and immersing myself in the moment so that I can document it later.  It's a place to write down my goals, share my heart, and watch myself grow as a wife and mother. will hold a lot more blogging.

I love traveling and reading travel blogs, so I plan to do a lot of that.  Specifically, I would love to post weekly about Disney World since it's my happy place.  Don't worry.  I'm not trying to make it in the travel industry.  It's just something I enjoy writing about and reading about on other blogs.

I also love decorating a lot.  With us getting ready to build, you will probably see a lot of our new space and the ideas we have for making it HOME to us.  Don't worry.  I will make it as organic as possible and don't plan to become a design blogger.  Again, it's something I enjoy that is part of our story, so where it fits most naturally is where it will go on this blog.

Aside from blogging, I want to spend more time being intentional with my kids.  Don't get me wrong- I am very intentional about creating traditions, making memories, and having fun, but the Lord has been convicting me lately that one thing about modern parents (myself included) is that we value experience and memories with our children more than we value developing character and instilling values.  It's such a delicate balance, and one that I intend to focus on greatly in the coming year.

I also want to become healthier.  In full transparency that means "skinnier" in my brain, but I have such extreme tendencies that I need to stick with "healthier."  Ha! We will see where this ends up, but basically I want to increase my daily activity and water intake while decreasing the processed foods I eat.  Again, I'm not jumping on the "diet blogger" train -just making some changes that will hopefully make me feel better.

Thats about it.  When I look at this list, I basically see the word "intentionality" in the margins. Here's to hearing more from me in 2019!

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