Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Sugar Bugs Strike Again

My kids have the worst teeth, and I don't think it's just had oral hygiene.  They seriously have the worst luck with "sugar bugs" or cavities for anyone who doesn't have young kids in the home.  I took Eli in today for have one of his cavities filled and it took forever because they just kept finding little areas of concern.

In case you're wondering just how long we were there, just observe Ellie's body language in the photo above verse the photo below.  Haha!  She was totally D-O-N-E!!  But ya'll, they were so good.  Like really, really good.  Eli normally flips out anytime he has a medical procedure but he was super chill.  Of course the "happy gas" probably contributed to that. 

The sweetest moment of the day came when we got the new of more cavities.  Ellie was so concerned.  She climbed up into the chair with Eli, put her arm around his neck and kept patting his back.  How sweet is that?

There was no school today because it was a teacher word day, but I am so thrilled we were able to get this little visit out of the way on our day off instead of having to take them out of school.  It looks like we will have a few more dentist visits in our future...stupid sugar bugs!

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