Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Ride of Her Life

This summer, Ellie is participating in Summer Literacy Academy.  It's an incredible resource provided by our school district to help students grow their reading capacity.  I was a struggling reader as child and I can remember being so intimated by my slow progression.  I was tutored through second grade and truly despised reading.  Then when I was in eighth grade, I found a book series I loved and to this day, I ready constantly.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I rarely watch TV but my nose is almost always stuck in a book.  Because I know what it feels like to struggle reading and the lack of confidence that comes with it, I want to make sure that I stay on top of my kids' growth.  Ellie is on grade-level but I felt like she could benefit from some additional intervention to make her stronger and most importantly, more confident. With that in mind, she started Summer Literacy Academy  on Monday.

She will ride the bus to and from daycare each day, which is another major blessing! For some reason, I had a weird feeling on Monday even though I took her and all she had to do was ride back.  I completely trust the faculty and staff, but it was just maternal intuition.  The whole way there, we practiced telling teachers her name and the name of her daycare...just in case.  She had it down, but that feeling was still nagging me all day.  After lunch I texted daycare to make sure the had gotten off the bus ok.  Assuming I was overthinking it, I didn't really expected the response that I got back.  Luckily, I left my phone on my desk while I was elsewhere in the building so I didn't see the texts until it was all resolved.

Text One: said the bus hadn't arrived.

Text Two: said the bus had just gotten there but Ellie wasn't on it.

Text Three: said they found her and she had boarded the wrong bus.

Bless her heart, she was headed to the other side of the county.  The driver was gracious enough to take her back to daycare at the completion of her route, and I am so grateful!  Bless her little heart, she had no idea she was even lost.  She just thought it was a really long bus ride.

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